Monday, 22 August 2011

My First Creative Journey Workshop...."Mini Holtz Holiday"

The whole gang hard at work.
Arty chaos :)

This was a mixed media art workshop run by Anneliese Bates of Creative Journey Workshops. It took place in a pretty little village called Clifton in Derbyshire on Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd May 2011. 

This was my first mixed media art workshop and I was the only newbie. Everyone was so patient and helpful that this wasn't a problem. I had lots of fun with some really cool people! 

The workshop centred around a range of products designed by a man called Tim Holtz and some of the techniques Anneliese learned from Tim Holtz himself, in America! 

We made 9 big tags, designed by Anneliese. Each tag demonstrated a different technique. We had a kit for each tag containing the elements we would need. Anneliese led us through each tag and technique step by step. We chose which colour inks we used, which stamps we used and where. 

 To house our 9 beautiful tags we each designed our own pages upon which the tags would be mounted.  We each had several card pages and four pieces of canvas.

At Anneliese's suggestion I used the Vagabond Die Cutting and Embossing machine to emboss designs into my sheets of canvas, I chose clocks and cogs, very steampunk!! I didn't have time to complete my pages and mini book during the workshop so will do this at home. Photos of the completed pages and mini book to follow soon, till then enjoy what I did at the workshop :)

 We also folded a sheet of paper from the Tim Holtz range into a "mini pocket book" to house some mini tags we made. We had complete free creative reign on the mini tags, to do whatever our hearts desired! 
Mmmm lunch! Square pizza day!
Creative fuel, chocolate biscuits :)

We had plates of yummy chocolate biscuits on the table while we worked, fab music to listen to and for lunch each day we were greeted by a magnificent spread!! Anneliese's daughter Saskia kept us all supplied with hot drinks. We were very well looked after!
Anneliese and Saskia Bates, and myself.


  1. Sarah, it was a pleasure to have both you & Matt at the workshop ... you would never have known you were a newbie judging by your work at the end of the workshop .. you did a totally fab job of it :D x

  2. Aww thanks Anneliese!! I had a great teacher :D:D:D